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Dyno numbers?

What are my dyno numbers?
Too Bad, so sad, haven't run it yet......oh well.

Food for thought: I was kicked out of all the J-Body lists. Why? Because I got mad at the list *ickheads. I was just stating an opinion, as were the other FOUNDING FATHERS of the J-Body community, who ALSO got punted off the lists. WE were the ones who got shit made, and we were the ones who got companies off thier ass to make stuff. Everybody else (for the most part, there ARE the few good people who contributed and did thier parts) was along for the ride, and freeloaded.

Well, lookie who's laughing now...who's cars are still the same old SH!T they always have been, and who's have evolved? My point exactly!

What is my definition of a founding father? Hmm, not a 1st generation Cav modiyer per-say, but I look at it this way. I've come farther than ANY J Sedan out there as well as talk to more companies than any J Sedan owner out there. Also, I broke alot of barriers for the J-Community as well as get some exposure and stuff produced for the J Car. Maybe I haven't done as much as the BIG DAWGS, Matt Teske, Jim Trevino, and Cookie Monster, but hell I can say I've done more than most. Further more, I think if there was a J chat room, 90% of the people in there would recognize my car as what it used to look like, the Pearl Orange. Now I'm Pink....and considerably more modified....it may be even easier now...

THE ORIGINAL Cavalier Sedan.