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Mods and Such
What do I have?
Well for mods exterior wise, you can see those aren't US taillights. Can you say JDM? That's right, those are TOYOTA Cavalier taillights, not available in the U.S. you bastards. Try getting you're hands on those, good luck. A Toyota Cavalier leather steering wheel is coming soon, along with all the other JDM Cavalier parts I can get my hands on.

Also, the kit, I went "step by step" with Bomex to get the skirt fitted to the Sedan. Sure, the sides are the same length as the Coupes, BUT, I sent off my RK ones, they measured and dimensionalized it, and they got the mounts in the right spots and also shaved off a little under the door so it fit flush. Who else can say they did that? BTW, these skirts are pretty much ONE off, the ones that will be coming out for the Sedan won't be out till March 2002, and they will look a little different.

Also, those aren't GENERIC knock off rims, those are 17 inch RACING HART CP-035 in Winning Gold. Yeah, they only weigh 13lbs each....it feels good to be able to pick up one rim with 2 fingers....

The engine....
Wouldn't you like to know what's under the hood? Well, I'll tell you this much, it's a Mantapart PROTOTYPE 2.5L engine and tranny combo. ALL I can say is BULLETPROOF, RELIABLE, CONSISTENT, and POSSIBLY FASTER than your daddy's Vette.

Oh, If that isn't enough, I also have a LAPTOP CONTROLLED Venom VCN-2000 in cahoots with it in Linear Mode, where the amount of nitrous released increases with the RPMs, so it feels like a Turbo. All 100-shot of it at 7000 RPM....yeah, you read right, 7000 RPM. So if your car wants to line up....let's make it worth my use of Poison.




THE Sedan Cavalier