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Mantapart's Pink Super Touring Sedan

Well, here is the new look of the what once was "The Pearl Grapefruit" Now it's just "The Pink Panther". Hope you like.


Mantapart -- www.mantapart.com
Venom -- www.venom-performance.com
Bomex -- www.bomexaero.com
Aerotrends -- www.aerotrends.com
Sign*A*Rama Vinyl Shops accross the US.

I intend on trying to get sponsored by Boston Acoustics or some Tire Company in the future...I hope it comes true.

This site is pretty much put here for informal purposes really. I don't have the time to maintain a FULL site, I just do this so I can get a nibble of exposure and get the word out about the companies who basically built my car. Also, make the people shut-up who thought it couldn't be done....


The main reason for this build-up was because people doubted me in the beginning. "Why do you hook-up a Cavalier, especially a 4-door!??" Well, this is now payback time.....

NOT a show car...

Well, not a show car per say, but more like not HEAVILY into the shows like before, where I entered every show in a 200 mile radius. Naw, this time it's gonna stay local....and clean house in the Domestic Scene.

Also, I'm gonna see how well I do in the street races... ;-)

Take a look!

You should take a look at all my pages. It took me 6 months to get this vehicle the way I wanted it. Also, it's not just a look good thing, it's a go fast thing....

By the way, this website isn't really completed yet, I just took a couple pics to see what it would look like.....

Shoot me a message

Shiny ain't it?
What do you think of the Pink....nobody really has the balls to paint thier car pink, soley for getting laughed at. Who cares, I get more looks from the ladies, and get more neck-breaking than ever before. Also, it sucks to say you lost to PINK Cavalier Sedan in a race, huh? After all, I had to paint my car a color I would remember your Mom by...*insert perverted laugh here*

Want something I have?

If you wanna get the stuff I have, shoot me an eMail and I'll help ya out, prolly more than anyone else. Also, you can use this addy to send me a Virus....I KNOW CERTAIN people hate me :-)

Email again

THE Pink Mantapart Sedan.